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2016 Tournaments

demoContact us for entry forms and availability.

Department of Transportation Saturday April 30th 10:00 AM
4 Person Scramble
Trestle Creek Open
Saturday June 4th 10:00 AM
(sign up by 2nd of June)
5 Person Scramble $50/person
Mineral County Chamber of Commerce Tournament
Saturday June 25th 9:30 AM
4 Person Scramble
Trestle Creek Shamble Tourney Saturday July 9th or 10th
2 Person Shamble, Tee Times
6 Front Tees, 6 Middle Tees,
6 Back Tees... You Choose
Course is Open for Public Play
Digger Open Dual Pin
Saturday July 16th 10:00 AM
2 Person Scramble
Course closed until 4:00 PM
Drive By Night Tournament
Friday July 22nd 9:30 PM
2 Person  Scramble 9 Holes
Night Flight Tourney
Friday August 19th 9:00 PM
4 Person Scramble 9 Holes
Club Championship
Friday  August  19th or 20th
Individual Tee Times
Witness Required
Club Championship Final
Saturday August 2st
Course Closed until 3:00 PM
Medical Foundation Benefit
Saturday September 10th
9:30 AM 4 Person Scramble
Course Closed until 3:00 PM
Oktoberfest Weather Permitting
Saturday October 1st
Note: All Tournament dates, start times, and fees are subject to change.  Please call the clubhouse to confirm

Private Tournaments:

Course Closed

demoMay 14th: 1:30 to 6:00 PM


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