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2018 Tournaments

demoContact us for entry forms and availability. Download full Tournament Schedule HERE


Nick Triplett Memorial Saturday March 31st

Course Closed


St. Regis High School Tourney May 3rd
Course Closed

Men’s League Thursdays  starting May 3rd

Course Closed

4p.m. to Close.

Trestle Creek Open

(sign up by 1st of June)  Saturday

June 2nd

Course Closed

till 3 p.m.

Mineral County Chamber of Commerce Tournament Saturday

June 23rd

Course Closed

till 3 p.m.

Shamble Tourney Choice of

6 Front , 6 Middle, or 6 Back Tees

Saturday, July 7th or

Sunday, July  8th
Public Play Welcome


Digger Open String Game Saturday

July 14th
Closed until 3:00

Drive By Night Tournament  Friday

July   27th
Course Open

Club Championship Starts Friday, August 17th or

Sat. , August 18th
Must Have Witness


Club Championship Final Day Flight by Handicap & # of Entrants

Men & Women Sunday

August 19th

Night Flight

Tourney Friday

August 24th

Medical Foundation

Tournament Saturday

Sept 15th
Note: All tournament dates, start times, and fees are subject to change. All Tournaments are open for PUBLIC SIGN-UP unless otherwise noted. Please call the clubhouse to confirm 406-649-2680

Private Tournaments:




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